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work in progress

Hi there ^_^ Welcome to BOYPUSSY. I'm Leo, you can learn more about me here.

I hope you have a pleasant time exploring, everything is still very messy and out of order so please be patient.

Despite the name the site is safe for work.

The site is designed with desktop view in mind so if the page looks a bit dogshit on mobile you have been warned & it is not my problem. Love and light

If it looks messed up on desktop too try zoom out until it feels right in your heart (like 75%). If that doesn't fix it idk how to help you

Feel free to explore, if you wish to sift through the pages with more ease you can find the site map by clicking on the little guy on the left.

Take a look at my first appalling web design attempt (oc site), which is also still a work in progress

Where to find me:

personal blog art blog twitter

Hotline Webring

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