Hi there ^_^ Welcome to BOYPUSSY. I'm Leo, you can learn more about me in my about page!

There are js elements and potential photosensitivity/eyestrain triggering elements across the whole site so proceed with caution. I block liberally (on ANY platform) anyone who makes me uncomfortable, including "pro fiction"/"pro ship" people, "dead dove" fans and such. Please respect my boundaries.

Despite the name the site is safe for work, but i still ask that minors refrain from following.

The site is designed with desktop view in mind so if the page looks a bit dogshit on mobile you have been warned & it is not my problem. Love and light. If it looks messed up on desktop too try zoom out until it feels right in your heart (like 75%). If that doesn't fix it idk how to help you

The easiest way to access all the content on the site is by using the site map. Every page has a direct link back to the index.

Take a look at my first appalling web design attempt (oc site), which is also still a work in progress

Where to find me:

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