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I'm slowly setting up an archive for the graphics I have collected so far. I split them up by category and I will keep adding stuff as i go. I've been trying to add credit in the form of a link back whenever i know the source of the materials, however for most of these it's been very hard to do so. That being said, If you know the source of any of these or recognize anything of yours and want it credited or removed you can leave a message in my guestbook or send me an email at

I ask one courtesy of you if you wish to use any of the stuff I'm posting: please do not hotlink from my page. Hotlinking is defined as "the act of linking to a file that is hosted on another site, instead of downloading the file, hosting it on your own server, and providing proper citation". I do not need you to credit me for the graphics because all I am doing is aggregating them, I did not make most of them and most are from old sites that are now gone. Just do me the favor of hosting stuff on your own server to use it on your own site OK?

You can also find a few more really good graphics collection sites in my useful links page.

With that out of the way, here's the sections:

miscellaneous other pixels that don't fit any of those categories get their own directory here, with more subcategories to browse:

misc pixels directory

miscellaneous other graphics that aren't strictly pixel art also get their own directory with subcategories here:

misc graphics directory

decorative frame i made just for fun, if I make more this might warrant another separate subsection

fruits decorative border

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