About me

HI! I'm Leo and I'm the "webmaster" of this site ^_^ I'm still pretty new at this so the result probably looks slapped together but that's OK.

I am an enjoyer of many beautiful things (you can find a list of my interests here), and I also enjoy getting mad at things recreationally and bitching about things that make me annoyed as much as I enjoy gushing about the things I love. The hater and lover's temperament coexist within me in a state of perfect equilibrium.

If you put zero critical thinking into how you interact with media & if you think art and fiction somehow exist in a vacuum separated from real life (such as by self identifying as a "pro fiction" "pro ship" type of individual) I will maul you like an animal. No "agree to disagree". I will tear you limb from limb. I believe in cultivating reading comprehension and critical thinking skills and i believe in the power art has of influencing people for the better or for the worse, and if you disagree with that in favor of mindless personal enjoyment our worldviews are fundamentally incompatible because I am a bitch and a hater.

That being said, I think that being a hater is just a vital part of being a lover. I love my boyfriend and our best friend dearly and I love hanging out with them, I love engaing with my hobbies and discussing subjects and topics with my besties :)

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