HI! My name is Leo and I'm the "webmaster" of boypussy.neocities.org. I'm a total beginner at this which is why the site is a bit of a mess, sorry about that. English is also my second language, so if you notice grammar mistakes you can keep them to yourself because I have no respect for the english language.

I am an enjoyer of many beautiful things (you can find a list of my main media related interests here) and I also enjoy getting mad at things recreationally and writing long cunty rants about everything I dislike about ugly pieces of media or about the lame fanon interpretations of characters and stories I like in my friends' dms because there's something seriously wrong with me. My pointless anime anger is rightful and purifying, like a sword held by an angel.

I am a bitch and a hater, which means that if you put zero critical thinking into how you interact with media & if you think art and fiction exist in a vacuum separated from real life I will maul you like an animal. No "let people enjoy things". Democracy ends with me.

I luv looking at art and making art and picking art apart and i luv cats and cute things and I luv my boyfriend and our bestie and hanging out with them. I love whimsy and smiling and frolicking forever and ever. The hater and the lover's temperaments coexist within me in a state of perfect equilibrium.

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